Beat the Winter Blues with These Beginner-Friendly Houseplants

Winter is in full swing, so here are seven beginner-friendly houseplants to bring into your home to help you beat those winter blues. 

Perhaps you’re in full decorating mode for the new year; it’s the best way to make your kitchen, living room, and other gathering spaces beautiful and welcoming. This year houseplants are all the rage in interior design, so as you’re picking out new things for your home, don’t pass up the indoor garden section. 

We know that the idea of houseplants can be intimidating at first, but there are so many low-maintenance options to choose from that are sure to liven up your home and bring you joy. Here are our top seven beginner-friendly houseplants you should try out.

Low Maintenance House Plants 


Succulents come in so many varieties, and you can find them all over the place. The key with most succulent plants is to sit them in moderate indirect light and leave them be. They don’t need a lot of watering or fertilizer so instead of keeping them on a watering schedule, examine them about once every two weeks. If the leaves feel soft or show signs of wilting, it’s watering time! If they are still firm, you can skip watering. 


Pothos varieties are known for being almost indestructible. These gorgeous vining plants like to have their soil completely dry between watering and don’t need much sun. Although, they can thrive in nearly any light environment. 

ZZ Plant 

The ZZ plant has no problems thriving in a low-light and dry environment. These plants like to be completely dry between watering; a once-a-month watering schedule is quite suitable for these unique beginner-friendly houseplants. A typical ZZ plant is green, but you can find a “raven” with purple, almost black leaves. 

Aloe Vera 

Everyone knows and loves the aloe vera plant for what we use it for, like sunburns and even drinking it. But did you know that aloe vera is a species of plant that you can quickly grow at home? And it doesn’t stop with just one look either. Aloes come in different shapes and sizes, which are easy to care for. You can place them in medium to high indirect light and water them sparsely like succulents. These plants often produce pups, like baby plants that you can harvest and plant in a pot to continue growing.

Snake Plant 

Almost any plant lover would recommend a snake plant to anyone just getting started. Snake plants take the cake when it comes to beginner-friendly houseplants. These plants are not picky about their lighting situation, fitting for a low-light bathroom or a bright kitchen counter. Additionally, they won’t need watering very often. A 15-day watering schedule seems to do the trick for most snake plant parents. 

Philodendron Varieties 

The philodendron family is vast and contains plants in a variety of sizes, both large and small. Like the heartleaf and brazil philodendrons, many vining philodendron plants behave similarly to pothos plants. You can water them once the top two inches of the soil feel dry. You can do this less frequently in the winter. If you notice the leaves curling, it’s time to water!


Recently, monstera plants have taken the internet and your Instagram feed by storm. These houseplants come in different sizes make the perfect earthy addition to almost any room. A monstera does best in moderate light but does fine in lower light settings, although it may not grow as fast. You can keep this plant on a fairly lenient watering schedule. Just check to make sure the first two to three inches of soil are dry before you water again to prevent overwatering.  

New Plants, New Home With Mountains States Kitchen and Bath

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