Bathroom Décor Faux Pas


Keep your bathrooms’ décor up to date doesn’t need to be difficult, costly, or time-consuming. Look out for this decoration faux pas to keep your bathroom looking trendy for years to come.

1. Going Dark

Going too dark with your bathroom décor can make it feel small and dinky. Bathrooms are already typically smaller rooms and when they don’t have enough light, they can feel smaller and little claustrophobic. Try decorating your bathroom with lighter colors and adding windows where you can do let in some natural light.

2. Over the Top Theme

Having a décor theme in your bathroom can be a fun addition but going too far with it may be counter-productive. If you choose to go with a theme, make subtle and small additions that reflect that theme. No need to completely overhaul your design to have a themed bathroom.

3. Fake Flowers and Plants

Fake flowers and plants in a bathroom can gather germs and dust. They can be real germ collectors in the bathroom, whereas real plants can help to clean the air in a small space. Fake flowers and plants can also look very unrealistic, making your bathroom look a little outdated or tacky. Avoid this faux pas with some fresh flowers and a low maintenance plant like a succulent.

4. Clutter

In a small space like a bathroom, clutter can add up quickly. Keeping our bathroom clean and simple will make a big difference. It’s easy to toss on extra shampoo bottle on the counter or leave some toothpaste out, but it adds up fast and before you know it, your counter space is gone. Keep clutter to a minimum with some smart storage. This will keep your bathroom looking sleek and clean.

5. Lowly Mounted Shower Rod

Mounting your shower rod low, revealing your shower head and parts of your shower was trendy a few decades ago, but know you’ll likely prefer full coverage when you shower. Most bathrooms these days have a shower door instead of a curtain, but if you’re still working with a curtain, be sure that the rod is mounted in the right place. An awkward mounting can really throw off your décor.

6. Carpeted Toilet Lid Covers

These are not only out of date, but they are big germ catchers. Having anything on the lid of your toilet will likely mean that it gathers a lot of germs. If there is something like carpet that absorbs so much moisture on your toilet seat, it will likely become a breeding ground for germs. Plus, it is a trend that has long passed.


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