Are Kitchen Countertops Heat Resistant?

Are Kitchen Countertops Heat Resistant?

Are kitchen countertops heat resistant? It’s an important question to ask, especially if you’re designing or upgrading your kitchen. The truth is, every kitchen countertop material is different, so you’ll want to be careful about choosing the right one.

If the kitchen countertop is mostly for aesthetic purposes, you might not need to worry about it being heat resistant. But if you’re a sous chef, it should be a top priority. 

In today’s blog, we’ll go over the best and worst heat-resistant countertops. We hope this blog will help you decide what type of countertop you want for your new kitchen! 

Worst Countertop Materials

Not all countertops are made the same. Some countertops are solid and sturdy, but they can’t withstand heat, so they’re better for other areas of your home where the use of heat is minimal. 

Your bathroom counter will probably be ok if you leave a flat iron on it for a few minutes. A scalding pot of soup? Not so much. The following materials for kitchen countertops are either not heat resistant or don’t withstand heat very well. 

  1. Laminate

    Laminate countertops don’t have any heat resistance at all. They are so sensitive to heat that a cup of hot chocolate could crack or discolor the surface. 
  1. Solid-Surface

    Solid surface materials won’t crack or discolor quite as easily, but the material isn’t exactly heat-resistant, either. This is because solid-surface materials are made from layers of acrylic that are fused together.

    So, while this material can withstand a hot drink, it can’t hold up under higher heat. A boiling pot of spaghetti can cause cracking or discoloration.
  2. Terrazzo

    Terrazzo is a highly durable material, so there are many uses for it, but heat resistance is not one of its strengths. Terrazzo won’t crack or break at the slightest touch, but it can’t handle hot pots or pans. It falls somewhere in the middle.

    Additionally, terrazzo is very sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. Placing a hot glass next to a frozen carton of ice cream could very well crack a terrazzo countertop.
  3. Recycled Glass

    You’ll want to be very wary of using recycled glass for your kitchen countertops. Like engineered stone, their heat resistance greatly varies. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a cracked countertop. 
  4. Engineered Stone

    Some countertops made from engineered stone are pretty trustworthy, but others aren’t. So, if you want engineered stone, check with the manufacturer to ensure heat resistance. Installing the wrong type of engineered stone could require a new countertop all over again. 

So, we recommend avoiding laminate, solid-surface, and terrazzo countertops. Be super careful about picking a countertop made from engineered stone or recycled glass. We don’t want you to install a new countertop in your kitchen, only for it to crack or lose its beautiful color. 

Best Countertop Materials

So, are kitchen countertops heat resistant? The answer is yes, and you have several options to choose from. There isn’t a single best countertop material to choose for your kitchen, so it depends on what you need and your style. The following materials for kitchen countertops can withstand heat well and are excellent options. 

  1. Granite
    Granite is one of your best options for a heat-resistant kitchen countertop. This is partially due to how granite is formed with high temperatures and high pressure.
    Granite can take the heat, that’s for sure. A hot pan straight from the oven? No problem. Granite is so heat resistant that you can place a hot dish directly on it without leaving marks or stains.
  2. Quartz
    When it comes to heat-resistant materials, quartz is your second-best bet. You can’t easily scorch quartz, but you will want to use a hot pad before placing a dish directly on it, or you could damage the quartz.
    Quartz is more resistant to heat than other natural stones like marble, slate, or limestone. While those stones have some heat resistance, you’ll need to be wary of leaving hot things on them for too long.
  3. Soapstone
    You’ll want to be careful with soapstone because it will show damage much more quickly than granite. This is because the material is much softer than granite and isn’t formed with high heat and pressure. It’s a great alternative to granite if you’re looking for something with similar heat resistance.
  4. Stainless Steel, Copper, and Aluminum
    There’s a reason why stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are often used in industrial kitchens. After all, these kitchens are used throughout the day to serve hundreds, if not thousands of guests, in the hospitality industry.
    However, stainless steel is not indestructible. You can damage a stainless steel countertop, but it’s straightforward to clean, making it ideal for a busy environment.
    With metal countertops, you want to be careful about placing hot and cold foods next to each other, as this could cause nasty bacteria to grow and make people sick.
  5. Concrete
    While your driveway might be your first thought when it comes to poured concrete, it’s a kitchen countertop option, too.
    Don’t worry about it looking gray and dull. Concrete can be colored and designed to your specifications. Plus, concrete is practically indestructible to heat, so you won’t need to worry about damaging it if you cook a lot.

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath

Are kitchen countertops heat resistant? The answer is yes! There are several options for you to choose from, and each option comes with varying styles and designs. You’re sure to find something perfect for your kitchen. 

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath is a full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling company dedicated to transforming homes across the Wasatch Front. We serve American Fork, Bluffdale, Draper, Lindon, Payson, and much more.

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen is essential for designing or remodeling your home. You can trust Mountain States Kitchen and Bath to do the job. If you have questions or want to get started, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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