9 Easy and Cute Halloween Recipes

9 Easy and Cute Halloween Recipes

Bring Halloween into your kitchen with some easy and cute recipes. Each of these recipes is simple, quick, and sure to please any Halloween lover. 


1. Frankenstein Avocado Toast from Fork and Beans

Looking for an easy and healthy, but festive option? Look no further than avocado toast with a Frankenstein twist. 


2. Dirt Pudding Pumpkin Patch from All Recipes 

This Halloween twist on the classic dirt pudding recipe using pumpkin candies to quickly turn this kid-favorite into a Halloween favorite. 


3. Witch Hat Cookies from Betty Crocker

In the moody for some festive chocolate treats? Try out these witch hat cookies to satisfy your chocolate craving this Halloween. These chocolate cookies topped with a little frosting and Hershey’s kisses are perfect for any chocolate lover. And any witch! 


4. Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies from Cookies and Cups

It doesn’t get much simpler than two ingredients! With just a pumpkin spice cake mix and some pumpkin puree, you can have some rich, moist pumpkin cookies in no time. If you want to add a little taste, throw in some chocolate chips for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 


5. Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers from Delish

For a savory starter or impressive appetizer, try these jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers. Grab some orange bell peppers, cut them out into your favorite jack-o-lantern faces, and stuff them some delicious food! These peppers are filled with garlic, cheesy rice, and meat. This Halloween themed food is a great side dish, main dish, or fun savory treat for a party.  


6. Brainy Cake from Taste of Home

With this recipe, it’s not just zombies who eat brains. Bake your favorite cake in an ovenproof bowl, turn it upside down, and squeeze some frosting all over the cake to make it look like brains. This cake is sure to impress and require very little cake decorating skills. It’s a great beginner cake that doesn’t take much time at all. 


7. Witch Finger Cookies from Food Network

These almond and raspberry cookies are not only buttery and delicious but also are decorated to fit the season. With some easy maneuvering, you can make these cookies look like witch’s fingers. Take these to your next spooky shindig for an equally creepy and delicious treat. 


8. Cheesy Witch Brooms from Delish

All you need for these savory snacks are string cheese, pretzel sticks, and chives. In a few minutes, you can have some tasty cheese witch broomsticks for any Halloween festivities. All you need to do is stick the pretzel stick in the cheese, cut up the cheese to look like the bottom of a broom, and tie a piece of chives around it. 


9. Brownie Spider Recipe from Taste of Home  

With just four ingredients, these spider brownies are a simple and impressive dish for any Halloween party. Just whip up some box brownies, cuts them into circles, add some edible legs and candy ball eyes—and you’ve got some adorably Halloween treats.


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