8 DIY Bathroom Space Savers

Bathrooms tend to for clutter up your life.

Swimming around in the drawers are dental products, hair ties, loose makeup, random q-tips, samples, pill bottles, and heaven knows what else.

The counter might be an indiscriminate landing zone for everything that everyone needs. Does your shower or tub ledge experience the domino effect – every time you accidentally touch one bottle the rest come cascading down? There are solutions for you and your tiny or cluttered bathroom – even if you don’t have the budget for a full bathroom remodel or fancy upgrades.

Organizing your bathroom can be easily tackled with a few simple do-it-yourself projects, many costing around or under $5, and not requiring extensive artistic or DIY skill. Try out a few of these great ideas to see if your bathroom couldn’t be a little more functional!

Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Space Savers

Space Saver #1: Use A Utensil Tray

Big shocker, utensil tray’s aren’t just for kitchens. The slots are perfect for a toothbrush, paste, a carton of floss and a small bottle of mouthwash! You can even get fancy and label them with stickers.

Space Saver #2: Start Hanging Things

Hang hair tools with adhesive hooks on the inside of cabinet doors. The backside of cabinet or linen closet doors is dead space that can be very useful. Mount adhesive hooks to this space and then hang your curling irons, blow dryer, headbands, hair ties, and any other items there for easy access and mess-free storage.

Space Saver #3: Hoard Your Baskets

Go basket crazy! You can buy plastic baskets at the dollar store in nearly any color, shape, or size. Grab matching sets for your linen closet, under your sink, or for your cabinet drawers and then organize your mess into them for a clean and organized look.

Space Saver #4: Build A Bathroom Skyscraper

Create a tiered makeup or jewelry display. While you’re at the dollar store, buy plates and cake stands and glue them together to create a tiered display. You can spray paint it a special color as well! Then organize makeup, jewelry, perfumes, or any other items you want to access and share.

Space Saver #5: Make Recycling Sexy

Refurbish old candles or jars for displayable storage. Remove the labels with hot water, baking soda, and vinegar. Then paint the lids and glue on handles or trinkets to make them your own. Finally, fill them with q-tips, cotton balls, samples, or anything else you use.

Space Saver #6: Store Shower Stuff With Shoes

Just kidding, we don’t recommend that.

But try storing shower accessories in a mesh shoe organizer! Designed to hang on the back of closet doors, hanging shoe organizers are actually perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, and even bars of soap! Make sure you get a mesh version for draining & drying, then cut it down to the right size and hang in your shower.

Space Saver #7: Be-Tray Your Counters

Add a tray to your bathroom counter. It may not seem like it does much organizing, but it actually prevents random items from living permanently on your counter. Get a small decorative tray, or make your own from wood and drawer handles, then top it with hand soap, lotion, mouthwash, or other amenities.

Space Saver #8: Wire Your Toilet Paper

Use a wire basket for toilet paper storage. It’s prettier than stacking the toilet paper on the back of the toilet, and allows for easy access to a new roll when you need one. Plus it keeps you from having to stuff the backup rolls under the sink or in a closet!

Hopefully these space savers will help you maximize your bathroom real estate. But, if your bathroom organization needs are a little more intense, call or contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath to see if custom cabinetry could make a difference in your small bathroom!


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