7 Ways To Stop The Winter Draft

It’s a pretty miserable feeling – you’re getting comfy on the couch to watch your favorite show, climbing out of your warm and cozy bed in the morning, or walking past a door or window unsuspecting, when that icy draft finds the most vulnerable patches of skin on your body. The cold bites your ankles, raises goosebumps on your forearms, and drains circulation from your hands and feet. But you’re inside! You shouldn’t be feeling these frozen drafts! Not only is it invading your comfort, but it’s not fun to realize that you’re paying extra utilities to fight these cold drafts with your expensive air conditioning all winter long.

So how can you make it stop? We have 7 effective ways to stop these winter drafts in your home.

  1. Check your weather stripping. The caulk and insulation around your doors and windows can peel, crack, and age. This is letting in trace amounts of cold air, all the way up to full on drafts depending on the size and location of the leak. You can easily caulk this yourself and stop the tiny leaks.
  2. Install a storm door. By adding an extra layer of protection against the outside elements you are decreasing the amount of cold air and wet weather that sneaks inside when people come in and out of your home.
  3. Drapes & Curtains. Not only are new drapes and curtains a way to make your home a little more cozy and decorated, but they will provide even more insulation against the cold winds and temperatures that are constantly battering your windows.
  4. Yes, you read that right. Adding a line of shrubs or brush around the exterior of your home can actually decrease the amount of cold breezes and drafts that seep through walls.
  5. Draft Snakes/Stoppers. These are fabric tubes that block the tiny space at the bottom of your doors, preventing cold drafts from transferring room to room. You can make them yourself or buy some that mount to your door, but the function is the same – stop those drafts!
  6. Let the Sun In. If you can have any direct sunlight entering your home, encourage it. Move plants, open blinds and curtains, even consider removing outdoor obstructions. If you can allow more sunlight into your home it will combat draftiness.
  7. Warm Your Floors. Drafts feel more powerful and affect your space more when you have chilly bare floors. Invest in some carpets, runners, and rugs for your smooth floors and instantly warm up the space.

We still have a good month or two of cold weather – don’t let the drafts make your kitchen, bathroom, or cozy spaces miserable! Stay warm and comfy until the flowers bloom by fighting your house’s drafts.

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