7 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Trends

7 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Whether you have a luxurious ensuite bathroom or a small apartment bathroom, the best remodeling trends make your space more functional and beautiful.

The size and orientation of your bathroom may limit some of your greatest dreams. However, bathroom remodeling ideas can be adjusted to fit your specific space. Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling that you’ll want to include in your bathroom asap.

Double Sinks

It’s no secret that a vanity with two sinks is ideal, especially for ensuite bathrooms. But space is definitely a limiting factor for many bathrooms. Double sink vanities are large and take up a lot of room, so it might take a little creativity to fit two sinks into a smaller space. 

That’s where these remodeling trends really shine. Instead of trying to fit a full double vanity into your small bathroom, consider ditching the vanity altogether and using two wall-mounted sinks with a storage cabinet in between them.

Wall-mounted sinks are very popular and can save a lot of space. Having two of them allows each person to have their own space but doesn’t sacrifice storage space. In addition, you can get wall-mounted sinks in various styles to match your personal aesthetic. So this design trend is a win for everyone.


Can you imagine anything more indulgent that soaking in a relaxing bath while watching your favorite tv show on a wall-mounted tv? What about catching up on the daily news while you take your morning shower?

Media is an excellent addition to any bathroom, and waterproof tvs and speakers make that dream a reality. No more worrying about keeping your headphones dry while you listen to music in the shower or ruining your phone when it falls into the bathtub. Now, this is a bathroom remodel trend everyone can get on board with!

Deluxe Shower

The shower tends to be a focal point in your bathroom, so a simple upgrade can significantly impact your space. 

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a deluxe shower. You can choose multiple shower heads, the waterfall fountain feature, a bench or lounge seat, warming floor tiles, or anything else you can imagine.

Deluxe showers can be closed in with beautiful glass doors. They can also be open to the entire room with no doors at all. They can be made entirely of tile or use a variety of materials. Even small, walk-in showers can be a luxury space.

Vertical Storage

Bathroom storage has traditionally been horizontal and located below the sink. Staying with only this type of storage can limit your options and ignore many possibilities for more storage space. One bathroom remodel trend is to include plenty of vertical storage.

This is often done with custom cabinetry above the countertop that runs next to the vanity mirror. To add more storage, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can also be added to bathroom nooks and other unused spaces. This can make a huge difference in small, cramped spaces. But extra storage is always a bonus, even in large bathrooms.

Accent Walls 

Walls with texture and dimension are growing in popularity, and they’re an easy way to bring serious interest to a boring room. Three-dimensional tile can create awesome visual effects, or textured wallpaper can create an understated look.

Tiled walls are a massive bonus in bathrooms because they are easy to clean and hold up well to moisture and humidity. However, if a room full of tile isn’t your jam, wood accents, concrete, and wallpaper are great alternatives for accent walls.

Ceiling Designs

One of the best new trending bathroom remodel ideas is to focus on the ceiling design. Ceilings are not typically a focal point in any room, so this allows you to make your bathroom unique.

Think exposed beams, shiplap, and natural wood. Including design elements on your ceiling help draw the eyes upwards and make your room feel more extensive and more complete.

Choose a careful design and make sure it doesn’t clash with any other elements in your room. For example, if you’re going with natural wood beams on the ceiling, keep the rest of your space simple with dark colors or white. On the other hand, if the rest of your room is already loud or busy, a simple white shiplap might be the right choice for a ceiling design.

Upgraded Lighting

The light fixtures in your bathroom say a lot about your space, even when the lights are off. For example, your room might feature one prominent light fixture or a lighted mirror. However, you may prefer to keep the focus on the other design elements in your room. If that’s the case, recessed lighting might be the right choice. 

Upgrading your light fixtures is a great way to add visual appeal and improve the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Explore Bathroom Remodel Ideas With Mountain States Kitchen and Bath

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