6 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Countertops

6 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Countertops

Choosing new bathroom countertops might seem like an overwhelming task, but these professional tips will make it a breeze. 

There are so many different types of bathroom counters: those made of granite, quartz, or laminate, and bathroom counters with sinks or double sinks. To make matters more complicated, each type has different colors, designs, and styles of countertops.

So there are plenty of choices to be made when it comes time to remodel or upgrade the countertops in your bathroom. 

The good news is that we’re here to help. A little bit of extra knowledge and some helpful tips will ensure that you’ll be able to pick the right countertops for your space. Simply follow these six tips for choosing new countertops in your bathroom, and you’ll be an expert in no time. 

1. Measure Your Space

The first step in upgrading, building, or remodeling a bathroom is taking accurate measurements. For example, natural stone countertops, like granite or marble, need to be precisely measured so you know how many slabs are required. The same is true for engineered stone counters like quartz.

Accurate measurements are essential to understand how the slabs will fit in your space. Poor measuring could result in needing more materials or large seams across the middle of your countertop. So save yourself some heartache and measure your space multiple times.

2. Don’t Shop Online

Online shopping is great for browsing and getting a feel for what types of colors and materials are available for your bathroom counters. But nothing compares to seeing the slab in person and being able to examine its specific pattern and identify any flaws.

A slab of stone for your bathroom countertop is a big purchase, and it’s not one to be left to online shopping. Instead, visit a local showroom to see samples and check out the whole slab before you place your order. Of course, full slabs can vary from the samples, so you want to go the extra mile to make sure you pick something you’ll be happy with. 

3. Consider Your Home’s Design

Does your home have a specific design style? Maybe you’ve got a farmhouse vibe, or everything in your home is midcentury modern. On the other hand, your home might be English countryside chic, southwestern, or industrial. Some homes are eclectic, while others are more traditional. 

Whatever your design style, it’s important that your new bathroom meshes with the rest of your home. Clean white marble countertops might not be the best choice for a home decked in the prints and ruffles of the shabby chic style.

The good news is that most countertops can be adapted to fit just about any design style. Just be sure to get a good handle on your home’s design before you select countertops. Otherwise, you run the risk of making the space look chaotic and poorly planned.

4. Consider All Your Options

There are so many options when it comes to bathroom countertops. The most popular choices include granite, quartz, and marble. Natural stone and engineered countertops are the most durable and low maintenance.

Less expensive options include laminate and formica. These materials are definitely more budget-friendly, but they will need to be replaced much more frequently, so you might end up spending more in the long run. 

Other options to consider are whether or not you want bathroom counters with sinks. Sinks can be mounted on top of the counter, but they are often mounted inside the countertop. Large bathroom counters with sinks also have the option of holding two sinks, which is desirable for en suite bathrooms. 

5. Plan for the Long-Term

Upgrading your bathroom countertops is a great way to increase your home or business’s value, especially if you choose a high-quality material like marble, quartz, or granite. Choose a long-lasting countertop that can fit a wide variety of design styles. This will help ensure that your countertops will be beautiful and elegant for years to come.

Avoid bathroom counters that are polarizing or lean too strongly toward one type of style. These out-of-the-box styles can be fun for a while, but they’re much more difficult to change when a new trend comes around. And if you ever plan to sell your property, it’s best to have something that appeals to a wide variety of buyers. 

6. Work With a Professional Team

Choosing bathroom countertops can be a difficult process, so don’t go at it alone. Having a professional team on your side can make all the difference between DIY gone wrong and beautiful, magazine-worthy results. 

The right team can help you with every step of the process, from design to installation. It’s always best to start with an expert from the beginning rather than starting on your own and deciding halfway through the project that you need help with. Find a team that can help with every aspect of your remodel, including custom cabinets and high-quality countertops. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Mountain States Kitchen and Bath

Upgrading your bathroom countertops is a surefire way to make your home or business feel more luxurious. But with so many options, it can be challenging to know if you’re making the right choice.

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