6 Places You Overlooked When Cleaning

Unless you’re a professional cleaner, chances are you’re not always the most thorough when it comes to cleaning your home.

Many of us clean in a fury as guest are on the way to our house, realizing it’s been weeks since we vacuumed or that pan has been sitting in the sink since Tuesday. Some of us are so busy that we’re lucky to get in 20 minutes of cleaning in between soccer games on Saturday mornings.

On the rare occasion that we have time to clean, we usually have so much to do that we only get the most basic cleaning done without getting down to the parts of our homes that need it most.

The first step to a cleaner home is simply awareness – even if you can’t clean these spots every week it’s good to have them in mind and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get cleaned eventually.

6 Places You Overlooked When Cleaning

1. Around Your Sink

You are taking care of the dishes in the sink and the food that spills inside the sing, of course! But when is the last time you looked at the drain, around the faucet and fixtures, and the edges of the sink where the counter ends? Dirt and grime slowly accumulates and you don’t even notice!

2. Bathroom Walls and Corners

Up high and down low you may not look at the surfaces that aren’t exactly eye level. Try to see your bathroom like an outsider. What do you look at when you visit someone’s bathroom? Notice cobwebs, dust, and trash in the corners.

3. Baseboards

Get down low and suddenly your clean house tells a different story. Crawl around your kitchen and bathroom (or better yet – have a kid do it!) and wipe down the baseboards with a bleach wipe or soapy rag.

4. Toothbrush Holder

This can be a breeding grounds for germs, slime, and grime. Rinse it out with warm water and soap and wipe it down to make sure it’s sanitary and not gross for your toothbrush.

5. Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

Guaranteed there is a thin (or thick!) layer of dust that needs tackling. You may not even notice the thin spider webs stretching from one hanging light to another. Halloween is over; it’s time to get rid of the dust and cobwebs on your light fixtures!

6. Doors, Handles, and Jambs

You’re touching, kicking, slamming, and leaning on them all day long. At minimum, they’re covered in fingerprints, at worst they have dirt, stains, and germs! Give them a good wipe down with an antiseptic and polish for good measure.

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom extra clean can take some extra work, but the devil is in the details – check these overlooked places today, and if you need help making sure your home is set up exactly how you want it, contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath today.

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