5 Ways To Rethink Your Kitchen Island

Since entering the 21st Century, most homes are featuring a kitchen island. There’s many reasons for this: seating & dining, function, increased cabinet storage and prep space, and maximizing your floor plan. In recent years, though, the trend has started to make these kitchen islands more varied and unique. Instead of a boring rectangular kitchen island, you now have a plethora of options when it comes to your kitchen.

Whether you are building a home, buying a home, or renovating your home, take some time to look at your kitchen and address your kitchen island needs. Some custom cabinetry or redesign could greatly increase the function and style of your home. Check out the top 5 trends for rethinking your kitchen island:

Custom Cabinetry

The most useful and widespread trend right now is using custom cabinetry in your kitchen island. This means moving beyond your standard drawers to get customized sections and sizing that will work for your family. Standard cabinetry may seem acceptable, but once you see what custom cabinets can do you will be amazed.

Think Outside the Box

Which means… it doesn’t have to be a box! Modern style homes have started to use oval, circular, or otherwise smoothly shaped kitchen islands for a very appealing visual effect. The clean lines allow for great flow in the kitchen, and eating at the kitchen island is even easier.

Convert Dressers To A Kitchen Island

Adding a nice countertop to an antique or interesting dresser, cabinet, or curio can actually make an incredible kitchen island. Adding in a sink can be tricky, but a custom cabinetry company should be able to do the trick. This is a great way to incorporate an antique or custom look, or to incorporate family heirlooms that might otherwise be forgotten.

Open Shelving/Bookcases

Another growing trend is to display the beautiful things you love, whether on the walls or even in your kitchen island! Instead of drawers. With shelves you can display cookbooks, bowls, glasses, photographs, decor… your options are unlimited. Everything can easily be switched out when you get bored or the seasons change!

Statement Color

Paint your kitchen island a vibrant shade of green or a cheerful yellow. This is an easy way to update your kitchen without needing a full remodel or expensive new features, and it’s a DIY project if you want it to be! In as little as an afternoon you can change the whole look of your kitchen. Talk to a cabinet expert to make sure you use the right paints and primers, and that the color won’t look too dramatic or dull when completed.

When it comes down to your kitchen island, you have to think about function and family. How will your kitchen island work for you? Don’t entrust it to any old contractor. Your best bet is hiring a professional custom cabinetry company like Mountain States Kitchen & Bath that will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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