5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

What If You Have A Small Bathroom?

You have at least one in your home – a tiny bathroom that barely functions, but is necessary for your family and guests. Sometimes it’s a main level half bathroom, or it could be a cramped full bathroom shared by multiple family members upstairs. What is to be done with these claustrophobic bathrooms without a remodel? Bathroom remodels can be an incredible fix, but they’re also expensive, time-consuming, messy, and put your bathroom out of use for days at a time while workers invade your home. And some small bathrooms don’t have any extra room to grow, anyway! If they’re surrounded by rooms in use, oriented in a corner, or otherwise stuck then a remodel won’t do you much good. ls there anything you can do for your tiny bathrooms to make it more hospitable? Yes!

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

1. Add Storage In Unlikely Places

Use an over-the-toilet organizer and cute baskets to store and hide toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials. The back of the door can be a good place for towels or a hanging organizer for whatever you may need to store – makeup, hair supplies, replacement toiletries, etc.

2. Streamline Your Hardware

If your bathroom feels cluttered and crowded, switching out the hardware is a very simple fix that you can actually do yourself. Choose clean, streamlined hardware for the bathroom sink and tub, and switch to low-profile towel racks or rings. Instead of a bulky, protruding mirror, upgrade to a flat mirror for a more modern, space-saving look.

3. Make The Vanity A Focal Point

You won’t have lots of space for fancy features, but your bathroom will need a vanity. Since it’s small and just one area, you can actually get something fancy and impressive for a fraction of the cost. Get a colorful, interesting, or luxurious bathroom vanity to be the feature of the small room. If you can’t find something you like, or your bathroom is a strange shape or size, do not be afraid to try the next step: go custom!

4. Custom Cabinetry

Adding floor-to-ceiling shelves or other forms of custom cabinetry may seem like it would overwhelm a small space but it actually gives it a strong backbone and ample storage space. Utilizing the space that you do have with custom cabinetry that is built specifically for your small, cramped, or strangely shaped bathroom, can make a HUGE difference without needing a large remodeling effort.

5. Use Bold Color

When you have a small space you can get away with more vibrant and risky colors than you would normally use in a larger room. Choose your favorite bright color, or even a busy and cheerful wallpaper print, to make this small bathroom your new favorite room in the house.

You don’t have to live with a tiny, cramped, dysfunctional bathroom in your home. Remodeling is an excellent option if you have a reliable Kitchen & Bath crew like Mountain States Kitchen & Bath. Give them a call or contact them today: there are some things to try yourself, too, to upgrade your bathroom from small to smashing!

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