5 Tips To Declutter Your Kitchen

5 Tips To Declutter Your Kitchen

We live in our kitchens – sometimes even more than we live in our “living” rooms. The kitchen is a focal point of a house. It’s where we gather, cook, and eat. Unfortunately for most families it is also where we drop, leave, hide, and forget about a lot of our stuff. The kitchen can rapidly become a drop zone full of clutter if we don’t tackle it right away. Just take a second to think about your “junk drawer.” Did the very thought of it make you shudder? You aren’t alone.

Tackling the clutter in your kitchen can be daunting, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. If you can eliminate some clutter you kitchen can instantly feel much bigger. Try one of these 5 tips today to eliminate clutter in your kitchen:

  1. Tackle the Junk Drawer. You knew that was coming! If you have a junk drawer, box, or cupboard in your kitchen, it’s time to take it on. Empty the whole thing out onto a clean and empty counter. Immediately toss the trash, then try to find places for everything else. If you can’t find a home – maybe it needs to go!
  2. Identify Drop Zones. Is there a corner of the counter that accumulates receipts, change, sunglasses, and other items? Maybe a tray, basket, or organizer there will help eliminate the clutter.
  3. Zero Counter Clutter Policy. When you look at interior design magazines, what’s one thing you notice about all of the kitchens? The one thing they all have in common is the lack of “stuff” on the counters. Decide today that nothing permanently goes on the counter, and find homes for everything that currently lives there.
  4. You can find some incredible organization options for any of the storage features in your kitchen. Drawer dividers, can storage in the pantry, labeled baskets – find a place that is overly cluttered in your kitchen and you can find an organizer to declutter it.
  5. Throw Away 25 Things. Go through your kitchen and make yourself throw away 25 things. Once you reach 25 you actually may want to keep going! We often accumulate stuff that we don’t remember, or that seem helpful, but once we HAVE to throw things away it actually becomes easier to choose what nonessentials can go, leaving you with a more streamlined kitchen!

If you have found that your kitchen is still a cluttered or cramped mess, don’t be afraid to look for some professional help. Remodeling a small kitchen, or investing in custom cabinetry to better utilize your space can be a hugely rewarding step for your kitchen and home. Call Mountain States Kitchen & Bath today for help decluttering YOUR kitchen.

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