5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Cabinets

If you are building or remodeling a home you may be carefully weighing the costs of various choices you will have to make. It seems endless. Hardwood or carpet? Color or white? Crown molding or non? Marble or laminate? Unfinished or finished? You will be running the gauntlet of expensive and important decisions throughout the process of a build or remodel. Sometimes, though, people make uninformed or ill-motivated decisions that seem right at the time, but will cost them in the long term.

When faced with the decision of kitchen cabinets, many people go the route of builder-grade standard cabinets. They tend to be cheaper and still look really nice, so it’s an easy choice. Or so they think. There are actually many reasons to choose custom cabinets over standard.

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets For Your Home

Reason One: Durability & Quality

Because these custom cabinets are made in-house for YOUR house, they are of a higher standard of quality than the assembly line version of basic cabinets you were going to choose. Custom cabinets are handmade by experts. They will last much, much longer than retail cabinet options that are produced for profit alone. Ironically, many families find that custom cabinetry gets them much more cabinetry that will last far longer, therefore being the more economic and affordable option over standard cabinetry.

Reason Two: Perfect Fit

This can be particularly alluring in a remodel, because older kitchens often have a more unique layout – angled sinks, split-level floor plans, kitchen layouts broken up by exterior doors or water sources. Regardless of how weird, old, unique, or interesting your kitchen may be, custom cabinets are measured and made specifically for your home. There will be no tetris of retail cabinet pieces, or awkward spots you wish could feature storage.

Reason Three: Save Space & Be Efficient

Use what you need, ditch what you don’t! Do you like to keep your pots and pans in drawers rather than shelves? Do you want vertically organized utensil drawers? Would you like to display some of your heirloom china in open shelving instead of behind cabinet doors? Custom cabinetry allows you to choose cabinet features that work for your family. Standard is boring, but custom is useful.

Reason Four: Local Is Lovely

Not only is the wood usually more locally sourced (more sustainable and more affordable!), but you actually have more of a choice. Standard cabinets mean everything was already chosen for you. Local custom cabinets can be your choices from beginning to end.

Reason Five: 100% Matched To Your Home

You may be lured by the “endless choices” of standard cabinets, but beware. You are still subject to availability. Sometimes the modules you need may be listed as the same wood and color, but they’re made from different batches and end up looking different. If they’ve run out of what you need you may be stuck with strange looking mismatches, or the inability to add or change anything in your kitchen without serious expense. Custom cabinetry means your cabinets are made together and match 100% so your kitchen looks modern, chic, and professional.

If you’re considering custom cabinetry in Utah be sure to call or contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath for a free consultation.

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