5 Cool Places For Custom Cabinets In Your Home

Many homeowners reject custom cabinets at face value – because the face value of that price tag is usually much higher than the stock options which are available.

It’s very tempting to just choose the stock cabinet options, when they look nice, seem affordable, and might help you stay within your budget for a home build or home redesign. But you may want to consider all of the benefits that come from choosing custom cabinets for your home, because there are a lot of them, and the price is more affordable than you may think when you choose an honest and reputable company like Mountain States Kitchen & Bath.

Custom cabinets are built more soundly, last longer, and most importantly – they are custom. They are designed to fit your exact needs and specifications! You may think “Well… I don’t really think we could use custom cabinets…” but you will be surprised at all of the incredible ways to use custom cabinets in your kitchen or home.

5 Places You Can Sneak Cabinets Into Your Home

Cabinet Hack #1: Under the Sink

One of the most requested custom cabinetry options is to turn that black hole of a space under your sink into a low profile pull-out drawer. No matter how you use the space under your sink it’s incredibly helpful to be able to pull out the entire base for easier access. Whether it’s your garbage cans, cleaning supplies, or anything else – you can slide that drawer out and quickly get to whatever you need without rooting around on your hands and knees in the back corners.

Cabinet Hack #2: Above the Fridge, Microwave, or anywhere up high!

Unless your family is a team of basketball players, you probably have some cabinet space that it’s difficult to access without a stepladder. Maybe you stick rarely-used appliances or serving platters up there, or maybe you don’t put anything up there at all because you simply can’t get to it. Custom cabinets can feature pull-out, pull-down, shallow, or vertical cookie sheet storage that is much more accessible.

Cabinet Hack #3: Hiding your Kitchenaid

A Kitchenaid or other mixer or food processor is a critical part of your kitchen. But you may not love having it out on your counter all of the time! You aren’t alone. The problem is that they’re usually quite heavy to move to-and-from your pantry or storage space to your counter. Custom cabinets can be built to store and conceal your mixer right on your countertop, but without the visual clutter.

Cabinet Hack #4: The Sides of Fridges or Cabinets

This dead space can feature a shallow vertical cabinet that is perfect for storing broom, mops, trash bags, washcloths, etc. It’s a low profile way to create just a little more storage.

Cabinet Hack #5: Baseboard Drawers

Take a look at your kitchen baseboards. Do you realize you could have at least 2-4 low profile drawers underneath your cabinets for extra storage? These drawers are great for cookie sheets, serving platters, kitchen linens, and anything else you need to store.

The options for custom cabinets are limitless! Contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath today for ideas and a free consultation for your custom kitchen cabinets.

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