5 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Trends

5 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Trends

At Mountain States Kitchen & Bath we are passionate about bathroom remodels. We love creating a change that makes you wonder if it’s actually the same bathroom you’ve been using for years.

The ability to transform a bathroom can make your entire home a more comfortable place to live. If you’re the DIY type then a bathroom remodel can instill confidence and pride in you.

Most homeowners would agree that there’s a bathroom in their home which could use a little love, or maybe a big remodel. Today we’re sharing just a few of our favorite bathroom remodel trends.

5 Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Trends

  1. Mosaic Tile – this look brings a serious bang for your buck. Try it lining a walk-in shower, or as a statement floor choice in a small bathroom. Mosaic tile is a great way to bring in design and color elements that refresh a bathroom space.
  2. Vertical Storage – for most of history, bathroom storage has been horizontal and below the sink area. Mirrors are of course important, but you’re losing so much potential vertical storage space. Now bathroom remodels are featuring custom cabinetry alongside mirrors that utilize vertical space. This is huge for small or cramped bathrooms.
  3. 3D Walls – walls with texture and dimension are growing in popularity, and they’re an easy way to bring serious interest to a boring room. Three-dimensional tile can create awesome visual effects, or textured wallpaper can create an understated look.
  4. Media – Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your favorite TV series while relaxing in the bath? Or to catch the day’s headlines in the shower? Waterproof speakers and TVs exist for your shower or tub, and of course, wall-mounted or custom built-ins can make your nightly hygiene routine more indulgent.
  5. Deluxe Shower – A deluxe shower is whatever you want it to be. You can get multiple shower heads, the waterfall fountain feature, a bench or lounge seat, warming floor tiles, or anything else you can imagine.

The space and orientation of your bathroom will certainly limit some of your grandest dreams, but with Mountain States Kitchen & Bath we can help you create a bathroom that is functional, beautiful, relaxing, and much better than the cramped and outdated one you used before. Your bathroom remodel can be completed in a flash, for much less than you expect. Give us a call today for a free consultation and bathroom remodel quote!


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