Four Ideas for Customizing Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry can feature any design, detail, material, color or bells and whistles you like. However, even when customers go the personalized route, they can often seem restrained by tradition.

The good news is that cabinets don’t have to look a certain way, although convenience dictates many similarities between cabinets. As long as your cabinets serve you the way you’d like and look good to you, the sky is the limit.

Here are a few custom cabinetry ideas to help with brainstorming. Remember that a reputable cabinet company will work to earn your business. The more knowledgeable you are about what you want, and the more pictures you can share, the better and faster the process.

1. Cabinet feet

Spice things up and shy away from the boring toe kicks at the bottom of your cabinets. Adding feet can instantly upgrade your kitchen cabinets and help them blend in better with other items in the kitchen, like chairs and tables. Not to mention that they add a little flair to the overall feel of the kitchen. This is a popular move on newer kitchens remodels that are opting for a more cohesive look.

2. Tack on corbels

A corbel is a molded, finely detailed decoration added to cabinet corners. It looks similar to decorated supports below mantels. You can have the corbel customized to feature almost any design you can imagine, and these don’t have to necessarily be costly additions. The most luxurious corbels are handcrafted from wood, but a variety of other durable materials can be used to save on costs.

3. Spend time on the end panel

The end of a cabinet that’s exposed can be easily dressed up with an end panel. Like a corbel, this panel can be personalized to your style. Choose a different color or an etching for the end panel, or make it utilitarian by tacking on a blackboard to jot down shopping notes or to entertain the kids.

4. Adding open shelves

There is no reason you need to abide by the rules that all cabinets need to be closed off. Having open shelves makes it easier to see what you have stored without having to open and close multiple doors. This type of storage works best on items that you use the most, because it lets you quickly find the item you want. Open shelves also allow you to create a visual masterpiece in the way your items are organized.

Adding feet, valances or removing the doors completely are great ways to make your kitchen cabinets unique. Focusing on the cabinetry takes care of one of the most important kitchen decisions. Complement your custom cabinets with a granite countertop to achieve perfection.

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