3 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Your dear old kitchen, where lots of good times and sacred moments occurred, is special to you. Maybe you designed and built your kitchen according to your needs and wants. Maybe you bought a house you loved and took the kitchen as it stood. Maybe you are getting a little bored with your home and considering an upgrade or remodel. There are several reasons why you might decide your kitchen deserves a little TLC, but even if you haven’t yet, it’s important to look for these major signs so that you know when it’s time.

#1 – Cabinet Damage

Most people are shocked and disgusted at the damage they find in their kitchens. They’ll protest that they’re clean and careful, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Kitchens deal with an incredible levels of heat, humidity, temperature change, water usage, and wear-and-tear. Even the cleanest homeowners will discover cabinet damage over time. A good idea when you do your spring cleaning make sure to completely empty your cabinets and inspect them thoroughly. The deepest, darkest parts of your cabinet may be home to mold or insect damage. Be particularly wary of any cabinets close to water sources, as they may have warped or suffered other water damage. If you find any weaknesses in your cabinets – it’s probably time for a remodel. The damage will only get worse as time goes on, leaving a bigger and more expensive mess to fix further down the road. Now is the time to replace those damaged cabinets.

#2 – Functionality

Kitchens today are often the focal point of any build or remodel, but that probably wasn’t the case when your home was built. Many homes feature kitchens that are tucked away in a corner or twisted into that weird wing of the house fit around the garage. You may recognize these scenarios; is it impossible for you to open both your oven and your fridge at the same time? Is your pantry tiny? Do you have a huge formal dining room, but only two seats at the bar? Think about how your family uses the kitchen space and if it could be improved. Often the kitchen worked fine when you were a small family, but now that you’ve grown it’s not really working for you. Thankfully, if your kitchen simply isn’t meeting your needs you can change it. If you feel like the functionality of your kitchen is getting in the way or frustrating you, call and consult with Mountain States Kitchen & Bath to see if a remodel would be helpful.

#3 – Outdated Design

If you spend time looking at home design websites or walk around your local Home Depot does everything there look strange, shiny, and unfamiliar? The reason for this could be because your kitchen is out of date. You may think your appliances and sink are running just fine, but you might not be taking into account the slow decline of wear-and-tear, and the new features you could get on newer, cheaper models of kitchen fixtures. You can replace that stained, old synthetic countertop with marble or granite countertops for less than you think. Those tired oak cabinets can be replaced with something sleek and custom. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can give you a complimentary consultation of the current state of your kitchen and recommend ideas for a remodel – and you’ll like their prices. Your kitchen will thank you!

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