3 Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom


A bathroom remodel is a popular home improvement project, mostly because bathrooms can be a big sore spot for homeowners. Bathroom remodels are also easier to DIY, and it’s ok if they’re out of commission for a while as long as you have other bathrooms in the home to use.

We talk to countless homeowners who have been considering remodeling an old bathroom for years, but can’t seem to work up the courage to do it – whether by themselves or using our expertise at Mountain States Kitchen & Bath. So today we’re sharing the three biggest reasons you should just buckle down and remodel that bathroom.

3 Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom

  1. Pride. There are few things as satisfying as walking into a brand new bathroom that resolves all of your issues with its former self. If you DIY bathroom remodel you’ll feel especially proud and excited, wanting to show it off to anyone and everyone. But even if you have professional contractors remodel your bathroom you will feel that rush of pride and awe when you see the bathroom that looks and feels so much better than the cramped old bathroom you used to use.
  2. Ease. We can almost guarantee that a bathroom remodel is easier than you think. Unless you’re hoping to create an indoor waterfall and sauna inside a 5-foot bathroom, we think you’ll be surprised at how fast, easy, and affordable it can be to remodel. Even if you aren’t the handy type, you can tackle so many bathroom remodel DIY projects on your own. Call for a free consultation about your bathroom remodel with Mountain States Kitchen & Bath and you’ll see how much more affordable a bathroom remodel can be.
  3. Selling. Remodeling an eyesore or cramped bathroom is an excellent idea if you’re considering selling in the next 1-5 years. Remodeling a bathroom will not only increase the value of your home, but it will provide a much more enticing photo and walk-through for potential buyers. By remodeling, you show care and style that will sell your home much more effectively than an older, cramped home that needs a lot of work. Bathrooms are almost always a complaint, and you can quickly draw in buyers who are looking for homes that need minimal or no updating.

Is there a bathroom in your home or business that really needs some work? Could you benefit from custom cabinetry or increase space in a tiny bathroom? Mountain Stated Kitchen and Bath can help with all your bathroom remodel needs.