3 Easy Tailgate Snacks

3 Easy Tailgate Snacks

When it’s time to host a tailgate, you have a lot of various responsibilities. You have to provide the location, clean and decorate it, provide adequate seating and a view of the big game, supply food, and most importantly – drinks. The last thing you want to be worrying about it complicated snacks. Sure, you can undertake fancy snacks, but easy snacks are much better for your sanity – not to mention cleanup.

Grilling dogs and burgers is pretty standard, but it’s always nice to provide a range of snacks for your guests. And today we’re sharing 3 easy tailgate snacks that can be prepared in advance and will wow all the fans.

  1. The Healthy Option. Of course you can get a veggie tray, but that often requires guests to scoop dip onto their plates and grab a few pieces of veggies. Instead, you can prepare veggie & dip cups in advance. Choose small, clear cups and squirt a few tablespoons of ranch or other dip in the bottom. Stick carrots, celery, florets of broccoli or cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, or anything else vertically into the cup and dip. When they’re done – voila! They can throw the entire thing into the trash.
  2. The Impressive Option. Chicken & Waffle bites are incredibly easy, but seem much more impressive. Start with frozen Eggo waffles, prepared in a microwave, oven, or toaster. Cut them into 1 ½ inch pieces and layer on a wax paper sheet. Swing by your nearest Chick-Fil-A or chicken fast food restaurant and get a tray order of nuggets. Stack each waffle piece with a chicken nugget, and secure with a toothpick. Drizzle all of the pieces with syrup, then move to a serving platter and enjoy the impressed looks.
  3. The Sweet Option. Halloween Brownies are the perfect option for a tailgating party. Grab a couple of boxes of brownie mix and a bag of fun sized chocolate candy. Mix up your brownie batter and pour into a pan, then push the candies into the batter, inches apart. Bake according to box instructions. Slice when cool, and freeze or refrigerate for days before the tailgate to ease your prep work on game day. Serve thawed or even warmed with a stack of napkins for any sticky fingers.

We hope you can find the time to fully enjoy this football season with your friends and family by choosing easier snacks for each tailgating party. Spend the party in front of the TV, not chained in the kitchen.

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