2018 Kitchen Trends

2018 Kitchen Trends

As we surge ahead into 2018, we are very excited to see the new trends that will emerge in home and kitchen design. It’s a great time for kitchen updates or remodels.

Have you been considering it? How old is your kitchen? Are you looking to sell or move? Do you need some inspiration to make some big changes in your home?

Let’s talk about the some of the up-and-coming trends for this year to see if any spark your interest.

Black Touches & Fixtures

One of the most surprising trends is a change from the brushed nickel or shiny chrome you usually see in modern kitchens. Now we’re seeing matte black in a stunning way. It is fresh and understated, and a very easy way to update without a remodel. Switch out your faucet or add a pendant light with black finish.

Flat Panel Cabinetry

Instead of molding or the ever-popular Shaker style, we are seeing a shift toward flat front, seamless panel cabinetry. It gives a clean look that is modern, and can always be updated in the future with the addition of handles. Replacing your cabinet doors may be an update option, or cabinet replacement may be worth it – this packs a serious punch.

Built-In Appliances

This is a functional and modern touch that makes it easier to access each of your appliances without the clunky look of cluttering a counter or giant shiny appliance. Appliances can be hidden with cabinet facing, or with built-in custom cabinetry. Picture a slide-out drawer with your toaster or coffee maker. It’s gorgeous and effective.

Deep Colors

White or wood are the traditional looks for cabinets and walls in a kitchen, but we are loving the new moody tones that are popping up this year. A sophisticated navy or a moody emerald green can add an unexpected touch. Deep plum can be a great accent. These deep colors may even pass for black or deep brown at first glance, but they bring so much more interest to your kitchen.

Square Tile Backsplash

Move over, subway tile. Square tile is making a serious comeback, especially in fun colors. The look is fun and intriguing, and very easy to complete yourself if you’re looking for a DIY project to refresh your kitchen one weekend.

If you’re ready to make some exciting updates to your kitchen or bathroom, we’re ready to bring the new trends to you.


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