10 Bathroom Sink Styles to Consider for Your Reno

10 Bathroom Sink Styles to Consider for Your Reno

Embarking on a bathroom reno is an exciting endeavor that allows homeowners to infuse their spaces with personal style and enhanced functionality. One of the pivotal decisions in this process is selecting from various bathroom sink styles, each bringing its unique aesthetic and practical benefits. 

The right sink elevates the space’s design, harmonizes with the overall decor, and meets the specific needs and preferences of the users. 

In this blog, we delve into different bathroom sink styles to consider, offering insights to help you decide on your bathroom reno project. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why Your Sink Style Matters In Your Bathroom Design

Embarking on a bathroom reno requires meticulous attention to every detail, and choosing the right sink style is pivotal. Here’s why the style of your sink is so crucial in bathroom design:


  • Striking a balance: Your sink is not merely a utilitarian feature; it’s also a central design element in your bathroom. Striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetics is crucial.
  • Better user experience: The functionality of your sink directly impacts your experience. The optimal sink style caters to your needs, offering easy accessibility, sufficient storage, or simplified cleaning, thus improving the bathroom’s overall usability.

Impact on Look and Feel:

  • Elevated visual appeal: The style of your sink significantly influences the visual dynamics of your bathroom. A well-chosen sink can elevate the overall design, adding a touch of elegance, sophistication, or modern flair to your space.
  • Altered perception of space: The sink style modifies how you perceive the space in your bathroom. For example, a wall-mounted sink can create an illusion of more space in a small bathroom, while a large vanity sink adds a sense of luxury and comfort.
  • Ambiance setting: Your sink plays a role in establishing the desired ambiance in your bathroom, affecting the overall mood and experience, whether you aim for a serene and relaxing environment or a vibrant and energetic one.

Space and Lifestyle Needs:

  • Optimized space: Given the diversity in sink sizes and shapes, choosing the right one is vital to optimizing available space, especially in more compact bathrooms. For instance, a corner sink may be a savvy choice for smaller spaces.
  • Lifestyle compatibility: Your sink style should resonate with your lifestyle and preferences. A simple and easy-to-clean sink may be your go-to if you lean towards minimalism and low maintenance. Conversely, you might prefer a more decorative sink style if you have a penchant for luxury and aesthetics.
  • Personalization and customization: The sink style you opt for should offer room for customization and personalization, allowing you to craft a bathroom space that mirrors your unique style and personality.
10 Bathroom Sink Styles to Consider for Your Renovation

10 Bathroom Sink Styles

  1. Pedestal sinks: Pedestal sinks feature a basin that sits atop a slender stand, concealing the plumbing. Pedestal sinks are best for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. It’s elegant, space-saving, and offers a clean, uncluttered look. The only con is a lack of storage and countertop space.
  2. Undermount sinks: Undermount sinks are mounted beneath the countertop, creating a seamless look and making cleaning easier. Undermount sinks are best for bathrooms with solid countertop materials like stone or quartz. They have a sleek design and maximize countertop space. However, they are more expensive to install since you need a solid countertop.
  3. Vessel sinks: Vessel sinks sit on the countertop, acting as a decorative bowl. Vessel sinks are best for bathrooms where design and aesthetics are a priority. They’re a statement piece, have versatile design options, and are easy to install. However, they are challenging to clean around the base, and you’ll need to consider the height of the sink for comfortable use.
  4. Wall-mounted sinks: These sinks are attached directly to the wall, freeing up floor space. Wall-mounted sinks work best in small bathrooms and powder rooms since they are space-efficient, accessible, and easy to clean beneath. However, the plumbing is exposed, there’s no storage, and countertop space is limited. 
  5. Vanity sinks: Vanity sinks are housed within a cabinet, offering storage and countertop space. They work for bathrooms of all sizes, especially those needing extra storage. Design options are versatile here, and plumbing is hidden. They do take up a lot of space and can be expensive.
  6. Console sinks: Console sinks feature a basin supported by legs, offering an open and airy feel with a stylish, vintage look. The only cons are limited storage space and exposed plumbing.
  7. Integrated sinks: Integrated sinks combine the countertop and sink into one seamless piece and are perfect for modern bathrooms, valuing a sleek, cohesive look. The design is seamless and easy to clean since integrated sinks have no seams or crevices where dirt can accumulate. The cons? Customization options are limited, and they are expensive to replace. 
  8. Top-mount/Drop-in sinks: These sinks are dropped into a hole in the countertop, with the rim sitting on top of it. They are best for budget-friendly renovations. They’re easy to install and come with versatile design options. However, the rim can collect dirt and grime, making frequent cleaning around it necessary.
  9. Trough sinks: Trough sinks are long, narrow sinks suitable for multiple users, making them best for large bathrooms or commercial settings. Trough sinks accommodate multiple users, have a modern and industrial look, and provide ample toiletry space. However, some trough sinks are expensive and require a lot of space. 
  10. Corner sinks: Corner sinks fit into the corner of a bathroom, maximizing space. They work best in small bathrooms or powder rooms with limited space, but there isn’t much countertop or storage space. 
Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Sink Style

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Sink Style

When selecting a bathroom sink style, several factors come into play to ensure that your choice aligns with your needs, preferences, and the overall design of your bathroom. 

Here’s a closer look at each factor:

Space Availability 

  • Understanding space constraints: Before deciding on a sink style, assess the available space in your bathroom. The dimensions of your bathroom will significantly influence the type of sink you can accommodate.
  • Balancing proportions: In larger bathrooms, you have the flexibility to opt for larger, more elaborate sinks like vanity sinks or trough sinks without overwhelming the space.


  • Cost consideration: Your budget is a crucial determinant in your chosen sink style. Prices vary widely, from budget-friendly top-mount sinks to high-end integrated sinks.
  • Installation costs: Beyond the cost of the sink itself, consider the installation expenses. Some sink styles may require additional plumbing work or support structures, impacting the overall cost.
  • Value for money: Find a sink that offers the best value for your money, balancing quality, design, and price.

Design/Style Preference

  • Aesthetics: Your personal design and style preferences play a significant role in your choice of sink. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more classic, ornate style, your sink should complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Material and color choices: The material and color of the sink also contribute to the design appeal. From sleek stainless steel to elegant porcelain, the options are diverse, allowing you to find a sink that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Functionality Needs

  • User requirements: Consider who will use the bathroom and their specific needs. For instance, a vanity sink may be ideal if storage is a priority. If accessibility is crucial, a wall-mounted sink may be the best choice.
  • Ease of use: The sink style should offer convenience and ease of use, with features like adequate depth and width to prevent water splashing and sufficient toiletry countertop space.
  • Multi-user consideration: A trough sink or a double vanity sink offers enhanced functionality for bathrooms used by multiple people simultaneously.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

  • Cleaning ease: Some sink styles are easier to clean than others. Undermount and integrated sinks, for instance, have no crevices where dirt can accumulate, making cleaning simpler.
  • Material maintenance: The sink’s material will determine the maintenance level required. Porcelain sinks may be prone to chipping and staining, while stainless steel sinks may show water spots and scratches.
  • Longevity and durability: Opt for a sink style made from durable materials and with a design that will withstand the test of time, minimizing the need for repairs and replacements.

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