Kitchen Sink Styles

Kitchen Sink Styles

Your kitchen sink is essential for both stylistic and functional purposes, as it can set the tone for the whole room and make it all your own.

Do you want a large sink that can hide your dishes? What about a subtly integrated sink? Would you prefer an additional prep sink in your kitchen? Whether you want to go with a more practical option like the drop-in sink or more of a statement piece like the farmhouse sink, your sink has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. There is more to consider than you may think, so let’s explore all your options.

1. Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Drop-in or self-rimming sinks us a thin ram that extends above the surface of the countertop for support. Drop-ins are the most common sink in most kitchens and are the easiest and cheapest sink to install.

2. Undermount Sink

An under-mounted sink allows for an uninterrupted surface between the countertop and sink, meaning the sink mounts underneath the countertop. This option is convenient for cleaning; with no edge to catch crumbs, you can easily wipe your countertop debris directly into the sink.

3. Integrated Kitchen Sink

Integrating your sink into your countertop is a modern and sleek look. These countertops are made of natural stone or composite materials, such as marble or granite. Whatever material your countertop is, the sink integrates into it with that same material. This distinctive look is both stylish and functional.

4. Prep Sink

A prep sink is separated from the main sink and is usually a smaller size. However, prep sinks do come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The purpose of prep sinks is to provide an allocated place for prep outside of your regular kitchen sink.  It’s a chef’s favorite kitchen add-on! 

5. Single or Double Bowl 

A single bowl is usually a larger sink, which can come in hand for washing large items such as pots and pans. But a double bowl provides a separator that could allow you to separate clean and dirty dishes or soak some dishes while washing others in separate compartments.

6. Farmhouse Sink

For a large and timeless sink, try out a farmhouse sink or an apron front sink. With an exposed front that usually protrudes past the edge of the surrounding cabinets, the farmhouse sink is a unique stylistic statement for your kitchen. This style provides plenty of space. If you’re looking for a little extra sink space to store those dirty dishes, a farmhouse sink may be the answer for you.

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath for Your Kitchen Remodel 

No matter the sink you go with, make your kitchen your own with your unique design. Single or double, large or small, regular or prep, a typical sink can bring the room together and add a personal touch.

Whether you’re ready for a new kitchen sink or a whole new kitchen, contact Mountain States Kitchen and Bath, where you will find the best options and service. We’ll help you find everything you need to create the kitchen of your dreams, so contact us today to learn more. 

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