A Guide To Buying Cabinets

A Guide To Buying Cabinets

Cabinets can really make or break a space. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, cabinets make a big statement in the room. As you’re choosing which cabinets you want to occupy your space, there are many things to consider.


If you are buying cabinets, it’s like you’re doing some building or redecorating. As you’re planning your budget, account for about 40-50% of your total cost to go to cabinets. The quality of your cabinets will greatly impact their price. Decide what kind of quality you want and how much you are willing to invest. How long will you be in your home? If this is a place that you’ll just be a few years, it may not matter too much. But if this is your dream kitchen, it’s worth investing in. The amount you’ll be using the cabinets should be factored in too. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Will they be opened and closed often? What kind of use will they see? You may want to take these things into consideration as you choose your cabinets.


What kind of style are you looking for? Look through some magazines and Pinterest boards. Choose a style that blends well with your architecture. There are a large variety of colors, woods, stains, and finishes to choose from. If these are cabinets that you’ll want to keep around long term, consider investing in more of a classic style. It may be tempting to go with a more trendy style but remember to think long term. Will you still like their style in five years? Or ten years? Be sure to go with something that will last long term, both in terms of function and style.

Have Your Space Measured

Be sure to have a professional come measure your space. It’s not very helpful to find a cabinet you love only to find that it won’t fit in your space, or there isn’t enough of it in stock to fill your space. Get an accurate measurement with a professional.

Stock, Semi-Custom, Custom

There are typically three types of cabinets to choose from—stock, semi-custom, and custom. Stock is the most affordable option. Stock cabinets are constructed into standard shapes and sizes to accommodate most kitchens, but they come in a limited number of styles. Semi-custom is a little pricier, they are built in a factory in standard sizes but in a variety of styles and designs. Custom cabinets are generally the most expensive but can be made to your specific needs in any desired style or finish. If you want a more unique style or option, you may want to go with custom cabinets. Whereas, if you have a more general look in mind, you can save some money with stock cabinets.

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